03 January 2018

5 Best Sniper Game with Realistic Gameplay that Tests Your Accuracy

To become a sniper is not easy, because you have to be patient and find out where Pelorro will be repaired. Becoming a sniper on video games is definitely a challenge for most players, because you can't fight the face of the enemy of the face, but from far away to find the right place.

Well, if you want to be a sniper, a 5 sniper game in the list that will test the your accuracy this would really be a real sniper. Check the following overinflated.

5 Best sniper game with realistic gameplay

1. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

5 Best Sniper Game with Realistic Gameplay that Tests Your Accuracy_

This game has become the most realistic sniper simulation ever, and suitable for you who loves the challenge. In this game you cannot use the method to hit N run because you are only alone and no doubt will be killed easily. In this game you will be challenged and can be combined-INGINGB also read the bullet distance will fall, because the bullet in this game will be affected by the speed of the wind and the distance from the target.

2. Sniper Elite 4

This game is set in World War 2 that you must fight against Nazi German troops or himself by Menjunas-Nginbear. This game has special features which you can see looking in the direction of the Pelorro shot in the slow motion and you can see when Pelorro is about organ members (you can also make a testicle shot in this game).

Patience and find out when to shoot you should film it in this game, because you should be able to hide the sound of TIMOMANMU or the Perbembinneto has been dismantled.

3. Hitman: Sniper Challenge

This game is the Metropolis DLC for Hitman game: The forgiveness that requires you to become an agent 47 who was a murderer. You will monitor your enemies from a building not far from the specified target and simply find me and kill the target.

Works--These are in the choice of goals that you will shoot must do in this game, because if someone finds the body that shoots then the mission will be threatened and the main objective will try to escape, you must use tactics in this game is to hide the body with TEMMACMO.

4. ARMA 3

Irma is a military simulation game 3 made realistic so that this game makes a challenge to play on it. Being a sniper in Arma 3 is not an easy task because you have to measure distance, adjust the sarcastic binoculars, and hold your breath in every shot. You should also be careful in super fire, because if you caught this game then it would be very easy to kill.

5. Battlefield 1

If you like the game shoot full of work and then free you should try this game. Battlefield one is the FPS games set in World War I, meaning don't expect to be able to find a M4A1 or parachute in this game. Being a sniper in the game becomes a challenge you must try, because you need to fire at the enemy who always moves quickly and not you have to think that the trend has dropped Bilokoro, and don't expect TIAPACMO to fall accordingly if you become a sniper in the game.

Well, if you're interested in experimenting with that? Or there's a sniper game do you think the game is better and more challenging than the list above? Don't forget to participate in the comments field is yes.

10 Secret Tricks on Android Still Unknown by Many Users

Increasingly sophisticated smartphones, more and more things are able to do things like this one. Especially for you Android users, the default for a variety of features on the display of thousands of applications definitely brings a lot of usability to smart phones.

However, are we free for various secret tricks you can do Android intelligent? Some tricks are rarely known to the next person the interest is equally important with other common features. To this end, you will share ten rare covert tricks that you know Android, but really helpful!

10 Secret Tricks on Android Still Unknown by Many Users_

These 10 secret Android tricks yet you know

1. Replace the Utility key button

We know whether during this time the home button which is in the middle center the bottom of the smartphone has a function to return the US states to the main screen if you press once. When pressed for a long time, this button will automatically take us to Google's assistant.

However, the usefulness of the latter can be modified. By installing a home application that can be obtained free of charge in the play shop, you can change the function of the main Smartphone button six options available like launching different applications or opening the site.

Install: Home bot

2. Watch YouTube videos in the background or zoom in

So far the most popular YouTube video application allows users to now watch videos in the background or in other words to reduce video while performing other activities or multitasking.

Show you can do this with an automatic rhythm player application. This app allows YouTube videos still can be played despite being minimal. In addition, there are also features to adjust the video size and place it in any part of the screen to perform multitasking.

Install: Automatic rhythm Player

3. Android control with other smartphones without internet

It turns out you can control the Android smartphone you are using other smartphones or even regular phones. The great thing again, you can do this without having to connect to the Internet.

Using an application called Misut, you can control your smartphone using another number that has already been verified in the application. How to control it is very simple, i.e. using a variety of SMS content is set up in the initial application.

Install: Memote

4. Receive notification via your computer

Most of the time spent in front of the computer rarely check the smartphone? Calm, you can transfer all notifications that go to computers. So you don't need to fear again miss important information provided by Keramo.

The trick is to use the bitmap application. This app lets you transfer all notifications that you get in your smartphone to your computer. But do not understand the font, these applications must be installed on your computer yes, not in smartphones.

Install: PushBullet

5. Change the level of motion speed

To do this trick, you have to be a developer for the high-phone andophan. Here's how by going to the settings around the phone > > * * * Number of build * > Repetitive press seven times you will get the status of "developer options enabled".

Then, you can simply do settings to adjust the level of animation speed you want on the option "Transition animation scale". You can choose whether to make it softer or more clear according to the taste.

6. Use Intelligent locking

Still unlocked the smartphone with a pin or password? You need to try using a smart lock. You can choose to put your smartphone insurance easier without having to write or enter a password code.

Trick with inbound Settings > Security > Smart lock. You can then choose the five variables for smart locking such as face or voice recognition, all of which are equally relaxed and more sophisticated and futuristic.

7. Control your computer with Android

Tired of sticking in front of my computer but still need to use it? You can make your smart phone as a remote to control your computer.

Here's how to use a unified application called remote. The application has many functions, among other things as a mouse in my computer, writing messages on a computer, opening the file, switching and shutting down your computer.

8. Protect your eyes while reading at night

Reading over the smartphone in the evenings can sometimes have an effect. Moreover, if the brightness level is too bright, the eyes will noticeably faster. You can protect your eyes from such threats in an easy way.

Using applications, you can enable a faint glow mode twilight that makes the eyes more comfortable when you read the robot at night. Not only that, you can set the time for the active mode automatically, and can also adjust the light cornea as convenient as the eyes you need it.

Install: Twilight

9. Multi-tasking specialized browser

You people are mobile and happy multitasking? Then you need a browser that can accommodate your needs. The browser that allows us to keep multitasking and stay focused on the important webpage you want to visit.

You need a browser named flax. This browser facilitates many multi-tasking activities. Plus, this browser can trim the content is not important and irrelevant to what you are looking for so that it won't waste time.

Install: Flinx

10. PC access to hard drive by Android

Need some important files that only exist on my computer? But when you're out there and you don't have other people in your house, it's quiet, because you can still access the data that is on your Android computer's smart hard drive.

Trick with using computer apps for WiFi file Explorer. This app will connect your computer with your Android so that whenever you need data on your computer, you can take it through the Android smartphone.

End of Word

This ten secret robot tricks can share a Jaka for you Android smartphone users. Do we want Android users to be considered as the least updates? Next, you are obligated to try the tricks above the secret Yes!

How to Play the Overwatch Game in the Android Smartphone

Presented in mid-2016 years ago, I got a warm welcome watch in the hearts of the players. Because the game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox This brings fun gameplay that combines MOBA type games with FPS.

In contrast to the burner already available for smartphones, a blizzard does not provide viewing for smartphones. But the quietness, Gentcos is not the fun way to play surveillance on Android!

Play games on smart phones watching? Could be!

Many say this blend of view game dot with a blank point. It's not a mistake. No wonder this game instantly has a great user base, even though the year has not been released.

How to Play the Overwatch Game in the Android Smartphone_

Well, if you've got a game to watch in My computer, you can play my smart robot for it! You don't need a large RAM, you can play computer games on your smartphone with 2 GB of RAM though. Here's how? It's easy!

Way PC games on Android stream
To play computer games on your smartphone, you can use streaming. Yes, streaming on the smart computer games. You don't have the fear of being late, gentcos you know the app streaming on smart pc games BEST!!!

1. Download and install the remote streaming application game.

2. Once installed on your smartphone, install applications on your computer remotely. You can download it in www.remotrapp.com.

3. Then, open the application on your computer remotely. Then enter with your account remotely for you. If you don't have it, do it first.

4. If you are already logged on to your computer, login with the same application account on the remote remort in smartphones.

5. In order to connect directly to your smartphone and computer, make sure you are connected to the same network. Regardless if it is not, you can set it manually by setting the appropriate TCP ports.
Note: By assigning TCP to smartphones, you can stream games from your computer to your smartphone anywhere at any time. However, make sure that the connection you are using is strong enough.

6. Even the remote Android that you connect to with your PC, it will automatically show the device connection. Then you can select the game of the computer that you want to play on the smart phone.

7. You can set the control game that you run on RemoteApp. Instead of just using touch control devices, they can also be arranged remotely for the game board connected with others!

Interesting, isn't it? Not only the meta-viewing, all the games installed on your computer can easily play on the smartphone without any delay at all. So, Yuk play computer games on your smartphone you can use remote!

Good luck!

18 Best Movie Download Site Recently in 2018

Watching the cinema are actually exciting. Because apart from always addressing the wider screen display, in the cinema we can also watch a wide range of new film for that once.

Didn't he have a chance to watch movies because of the money and time problem? No need to panic because right now there have been many sites that provide downloads of new movies. In order to make it easier for you, provide the following gentcos list of the best movie download sites.

18 Best Movie Download Site Recently in 2018_
image source: google.com
As fans of the movie, watching movies that have become mandatory. Not just the new movie, even the old movies at any time should be collected in order to be seen later. Forget movies, you can download new or old movies in free movie sites:

1. Cinematic

Perhaps the intent of the owner of this site says "like watching the movie, Jane? just to the film" The cinematic photographer comes with a new and comfortable display, free of advertisements!

The film is still in the process of updating the films. If it is displayed from the classification, it looks cinematic not only will provide a new film, but also the best old movies I have sought so much after. Interested?

2. Momogan

In addition to the film, Songs of Gunn's lovers can also do free movies and best Morgan. There are so many new high-quality movies ready to download on the site of the movie download this one.

There is a unique mugen. That is, when you search for a movie, you can use a list of filters that are located in the sidebar. Even searching the movie will be easier!

3. Filmku21

Especially for you who loves the movie, the mandatory collection of pop to the site to download this movie. Same cinematic, Filmku21 also comes with a presentation that makes the eyes comfortable. Not a lot of commercials. But when you see a whole movie collection!

4. Ganul

Movie download site is actually a famous ogre often provides a list of the latest movies to watch and download. Unfortunately the signed ogre has disappeared. But quietly, now comes India Jangul.

The actual location of the Wikipedia flow service and download this film take shelter under the name of Andalhorn. However, the collection of film is no doubt, complete!

5. Icinema3one

Light, not many have bothered advertising, and updates constantly. You will get this experience from Icinema3satu. For those of you who like to collect new or old movies, in Icinema3satu you are going to enjoy it.

Because here every time there's a new movie like Captain America: Civil War, it will be published as a re-old film related to the movie. So reach the anime ever posted. Don't forget, there's also a cool TV series in Icinema3satu.

6. The detector

Did I not have a Captain America movie: Civil War? Download the "Aja de" detector. One of the best downloadable movie sites will present you a list of the latest movies being aired in cinema in various formats and download link. Interestingly, the towels also provide a list of movies that are not famous as a complement to the group.

7. Charingung Group

Many TV series like Agent Shield, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and black orphan is actually a shame on miss. Well, if you're lazy to wait days to watch me instantly, download the series movies in the charingstring. Here you will find all recent or old TV series that aired on TV subscription quickly and easily.

8. Tumours

Tumors is the site of the movie download suitable for you anime lovers. How baseball, become a full anime site with the demo, will be spoiled visitors to choose with estimated tumors looking for the best anime movies.

From one piece, Naruto, to the fantasy tail, the other anime series that uses the subtitle Indonesia you can find in tumors. Even collaboration links with it, you can get quick access to a wide range of latest movies.

9. Anyondo

In contrast to the tumors that are the focus of the current anime or just do, Anymindo provides a dramatic adaptation of anime (direct action) as well. Keep you don't want to download, get free streaming discs in Dlang in Anyondo. Flocking to another anyminendo fast and smoother, so the kigangu time will not enjoy all the anime that are provided here.

10. Submarines

Anime download links SQL sites with Bahasa Indonesia this one simply updated as well as having a wide range of anime kits. Submarines are worth getting into the list of best downloadable movie sites because it provides three video formats that can be easily downloaded, i.e. 480 p, 720 p, and 720 p 10 bits.

11. Dragromeo

Like Korean drama movie, or Japan? In Drindo you can have them all so far. Because the focus in the drama, please do not find a collection of the latest movies that are aired in theaters.

But some cold films appear in theaters you can also find a cook here, though not as complete as the movie download Wiki site mentioned above. All the movies here are already equipped with a translation Indonesia to facilitate you in watching it.

12. Dramurondo

If you are a teenager who likes to make Korean movies, go de drorondo. Here you can download different movies or new Korean drama so old. Interestingly, here provides a download link to the huge Notabinia provides fast and stable loading speeds. Language translation Indonesia does not always forget included in all the movies that are posted.

13. DramaDLK

The drama can be said to stand for the Korean drama download. The next in this movie is the best download sites that will be dealt with only for all recent Korean drama, sometimes film. Interestingly, here you can get Korean drama faster than other sites. Oh yes, on this site you can also download audio from the movie you want easily.

14. Shinawatra

In tumors, Drondo and Ouedraogo endo you can download a lot of movies with high resolution in order to comfortably watch on your PC or tablet. Well, Shinawatra this is the best movie download sites that are suitable for you to watch sports movies on small smartphone screens.

In all the shinkoon dramas or anime will be converted to a lower resolution so that the resulting file is a film that does not overload the memory smartphone. The result of image quality is actually less, but it will certainly remain convenient if used to watch the smartphone.

15. Love Movie

Love to download movies? That I like doing this best download sites regularly do offers updates from the latest movies and Telugu. So really fit you who love to watch movies but lazy to film.

16. AndFiles

Andfiles is actually a forum. So here you will find a wide discussion of movies, not just a download link. Movies, new movies or an old discussion can be requested, even if they are seriously hung around this forum can be held by Aja's fellow coffee lovers movie plot. Oh yeah, this forum was a movie download site located in Indofiles.net.

Mr. Yeats was reportedly forged from the address. Who the hell doesn't know? Your movie download torrent sites This one is ready to pamper you with a variety of the latest film for old movies. In addition to choosing a variety of quality movies, you can also request the movie all you want posted by Yps.

18. AZTF

For those of you who follow many of the TV series but the lazy download of the direct link in Charingnsmooth, then the free TV is a movie download site which is suitable for you. Here you can find the various updates to the latest TV series-with ease. So you can enter forums to discuss every last episode to discuss it.

16 November 2017

Penyebab Alergi, Gejala-Gejala dan Cara Mengobati Alergi

Alergi adalah reaksi sistem kekebalan tubuh terhadap sesuatu yang dianggap berbahaya walaupun sebenarnya tidak berbahaya. Ini bisa berupa substansi yang masuk atau bersentuhan dengan tubuh

Alergen atau substansi pemicu alergi hanya berdampak pada orang yang memiliki alergi tersebut. Pada orang lain, alergen tersebut tidak akan memicu reaksi kekebalan tubuh. Beberapa jenis substansi yang dapat menyebabkan reaksi alergi meliputi gigitan serangga, tungau debu, bulu hewan, obat-obatan, makanan tertentu, serta serbuk sari.

Saat tubuh pertama kali berpapasan dengan sebuah alergen, tubuh akan memproduksi antibodi karena menganggapnya sebagai sesuatu yang berbahaya. Jika tubuh kembali kontak dengan alergen yang sama, tubuh akan meningkatkan jumlah antibodi terhadap jenis alergen tersebut. Hal inilah yang memicu pelepasan senyawa kimia dalam tubuh (histamin) dan menyebabkan gejala-gejala alergi.

Penyebab Alergi, Gejala-Gejala dan Cara Mengobati Alergi_
image source: momdadi.com

Gejala-gejala yang Muncul Saat Alergi

Ada beberapa gejala alergi yang umum terjadi, antara lain:
  • Bersin-bersin.
  • Batuk-batuk.
  • Sesak napas.
  • Ruam pada kulit.
  • Hidung beringus.
  • Terjadi pembengkakan di bagian tubuh yang berpapasan dengan alergen, misalnya wajah, mulut dan lidah.
  • Gatal dan merah pada mata.
  • Mata merah, berair.
  • Sakit perut, muntah-muntah, atau diare

Tingkat keparahan alergi juga berbeda-beda pada tiap orang, ada yang mengalami reaksi alergi ringan dan ada yang parah sampai berakibat fatal yang disebut dengan anafilaksis. Jika mengalami anafilaksis, Anda membutuhkan penanganan medis darurat.

Cara paling ampuh dalam mencegah alergi adalah menghindari diri dari substansi pemicunya atau alergen. Tapi jika gejala-gejala alergi terlanjur muncul, ada beberapa obat anti-alergi yang bisa membantu.

Mencegah Terjadinya Alergi

Pencegahan alergi tergantung pada alergennya. Cara yang paling efektif untuk mencegah alergi adalah dengan menghindari pemicunya. Tetapi tidak semua sumber alergi dapat dihindari dengan mudah seperti tungau debu, hewan piaraan, atau makanan. Beberapa saran berikut ini dapat membantu mencegah alergi.
  • Mengenakan pakaian tertutup atau mengoleskan losion penolak serangga saat sedang bepergian.
  • Hindari memakai wewangian atau parfum yang bisa menarik perhatian serangga.
  • Gunakan masker saat keluar rumah.
  • Membersihkan rumah secara rutin, terutama ruangan yang sering digunakan, seperti kamar tidur serta ruang keluarga, agar terhindar dari tungau debu.
  • Menghindari penggunaan kemoceng karena dapat menyebarkan alergen.
  • Mengelap permukaan perabotan dengan kain bersih yang dibasahi air atau cairan pembersih atau gunakan alat penyedot debu.
  • Membuka jendela atau pintu agar sirkulasi udara lebih lancar sehingga ruangan tidak terasa lembap.
  • Menempatkan hewan piaraan di luar rumah atau di satu ruangan tertentu saja.
  • Mandikan hewan piaraan seminggu sekali.
  • Membersihkan kandang hewan piaraan secara rutin.
  • Mencatat jenis makanan yang kemungkinan menjadi sumber alergi sehingga dapat dihindari.
  • Selalu membaca label kemasan untuk mengetahui bahan-bahan yang digunakan sebelum membeli makanan.
  • Menanyakan bahan makanan yang digunakan secara detail sebelum memesannya di restoran.
  • Membersihkan dapur agar terhindar dari lumut, terutama tempat cuci piring dan cuci pakaian.
  • Jangan menjemur pakaian di dalam rumah.
  • Gunakan gelang yang menginformasikan Anda menderita alergi parah agar orang lain tahu, terutama saat Anda tidak bisa berkomunikasi ketika serangan reaksi alergi datang.

Pencegahan Anafilaksis

Waspadailah diri Anda jika mengidap anafilaksis karena jika alergi kambuh dan tidak diobati secepat mungkin, Anda berisiko kehilangan kesadaran atau bahkan kematian. Anda disarankan untuk selalu membawa dua dosis suntikan epinefrin agar bisa langsung digunakan jika serangan anafilaksis terjadi. Beri tahu juga cara penggunaan suntikan tersebut pada orang-orang terdekat agar suntikan adenalin bisa diberikan selagi menunggu pertolongan medis datang.
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